How great tennis player Galya was surprised at the abilities of baby Andrei

My mother Galina (Kingdom of Heaven!) Was a great tennis player. She had about a bucket of medals won in amateur competitions. Mother played beautifully: she lured opponents to the net with dropshots and threw beautiful lobs. IN THE SAME MANNER THE MODERN ELITE OF THE PROFESSIONAL TENNIS SWAGGERS.

But my mother learned this at a very mature age, when I was about 10. Such people with a champion character, like my mother, are hard to surprise with anything (although you can make them laugh).
Therefore, I remember so vividly, WITH WHAT SURPRISE, MOTHER mentioned about unsuccessful attempts to swaddle me in infancy. Mother from childhood knew how to swaddle and train cats (execute the command “kitty, hop!”). This rather tough circus has matured amid the events of the Kursk Bulge.

And when swaddling baby Andrei, the result was none. Mother called for help from the neighbors. They willingly helped with word and deed. “But Andryusha still got out !!!”

About this mother spoke repeatedly at family celebrations. And even, it seems, she once said: “AND I UNDERSTOOD THAT OUR ANDREW WILL UNLOCK FROM ANY SITUATION”, and said this with some resentment. And she added: “And from you, Andryusha, where one gets on you, there one will get off!”

All this philosophy subsequently helped my mother and me to become good tennis players.