About Heracles, Prokrust, officials and the school curriculum

It is strange that the demands of the state and its officials to schoolchildren are increasing every time. We have to stay at the desk for 12 years already. Maybe this is the limit? And it is time for the students (and their parents) to check the nesessity of studying all those…

We need everyone who pays taxes to look at how high-ranking officials, as well as school teachers, will pass exams on the same topics. When we see the headmaster or the Minister of Education getting lost in school textbooks,
it will become clear that this kind of study is not needed. And if it is not clear, let’s call these officials again with their deputies for such public exams. Let the students ask them more questions. If it is not clear again, invite someone like Zelensky to make an impressive funny TV-show. Invite those politicians, who voted for the 12-year school training, to take these exams.

I believe such a TV-show – Public Examinations for Officials can be VERY enthralling.

Still, Hercules was right when he pushed Prokrust into his bed – a prokrual invention. Although Prokrust may have had copyrights and degrees, but the truth is still in practice.

Therefore, students should be able to earn money honestly for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours a day and less clog up their brain with questionable details.