Compassion in tennis

Look at the youtube videos, how people played tennis fifty years ago, it looks like players are relaxed and half-motivated. Current players are more desperate and eager to get victory. The speed of the game increased due to racquets (strings and stringers!), the size of the prize, as well as increased spirit of competition.

Two people perform similar actions opposite each other. A person is a social being, a person who needs a company of another man to communicate with. It is shamefull for both players that during the match player breaks his racket and goes into hysterics.
In tennis game, the word “serve” means that the first player serves another, carrying the ball into the game for him. I think the serve should be naturally acceptable, but not shooting.

Feeling rival’s helplessness, confusion of the opponent (not the enemy), it would be natural to encourage him, reduce pressure on him. You can start playing with one auxiliary hand (left), this will give the opponent the opportunity to win several important points. Well, if it is so important for you to win the match at all costs, then at least share your victory with another player, give him a compliment. I have read in a good book about tennis that it is advisable to sincerely rejoice the victory, smile and reassuringly shake the opponent’s hand.