Doubles tennis and wolf hunting

In tennis, rivals are often closer than single players, so they can stun one another with the bright colors of their clothes.

I mean the brightest red color of the hot metal or the pre-sunset sun.
We were pleased with this color by one of the participants (she is experienced in the marathon run).

The effect was very noticeable, especially with high balls, when the bright sun affects the eyes. And suddenly there is an effect of the second sun. Type of cognitive dissonance. It goes deep: a few hundred of seconds goes to overcome it. FOR TENNIS IT’S A BIG DEAL.

Although we lost this match stupidly, the impressions are unforgettable. I think the wolves, surrounded by red flags, feel this way.
But still, in this match, at the end I caught the feeling “behind the flags”, that is, I adapted. It reminded me of the feeling of a juggler who masters 4 balls after 3.

Both these effects are very cool, even cooler if we cope with it. And wolves probably feel similar.

Probably green semaphore color is worse: it makes you angry, it’s more difficult to fight it. Maybe because it merges with the balls.