How to comprehend and forgive mosquitoes

It is known that mosquitoes (even 1 small mosquito) can turn human plans upside down. A person in this conflict can lose sleep (because of chasing a mosquito) and in the morning do critical mistakes on his/her working place. And, alas, became overfilled with anger, especially towards mosquitoes and similar small animals. Such cases were described even by Pushkin.
Who to blame, what to do?
Somewhere I read or heard that MOSQUITOES ARE VERY ATTRACTED by the smell of the human, WHO HAS RECENTLY EATED BANANAS.
I don’t eat bananas this summer. And really, mosquitoes stopped bothering me. There was even an amazing case: in the middle of the night a typical mosquito-bully flies up to my ear, buzzes loudly and … FLIES away, left me unharmed. No longer appeared, as I understand, because in the morning there was no spots of his bites on my skin.
It turned out that this information ABOUT MOSQUITOES AND BANANAS in 1959 was GENIALLY REVEALED by DR.GARCIA, Manila Univercity College of Medicine.
There is a more prosaic explanation for this harmonization of our relationship with mosquitoes. We have 4G Internet in Kiev, and mosquitoes can not stand its radiation.
But as for the rural mosquitoes, Dr. Garcia is still right.
And mosquitoes are right because they can reduce the demand for bananas, the production of which is ESPECIALLY HARMFUL FOR THE ECOLOGY OF TROPICAL FORESTS.