Modern training center “Communication”

The goal of the training center is to teach a person to use modern means of searching, processing, displaying interesting and surprising. Mind and Google – this is what we will deal with.

In order for a person to maintain his health, in order to avoid the trap of physical inactivity and stoop, and also to make classes lively and fun, even for adults there will be minutes of juggling and meditation (and maybe dancing);

Juggling and meditation allow you to use the mind in two modes (analogy in a car gas / brake):
1) Fantasy, choosing and screening of ideas
2) Stopping the mind so that the mind does not overheat

First, we learn to juggle 2 balls (before each start of the lesson).
In the middle of the lesson should be a break for meditation) – you need to quietly say the word “Uma” 108 times.

Our mind is a modern powerful tool for working with information.
Let’s make (think up) 7-9 future versions of the page you are looking for.
Some keywords are needed to indicate what we are looking for, others are needed to narrow the search (for example, Kiev, higher education, used)
To search in the Internet for these words, you will need to study the advanced settings of the Google search engine (including the syntax of the request).

I recall what I read in a book about Africa – how the mining process was set up in diamond mines. At first, the ore was mined – then in sealed carts it was taken to a manual search – the process of searching for diamond.

So with the information in the boundless Internet – first we get raw materials from Google. Information is located on forums, profiles, articles, news feeds. Further, the raw information we will load into the database. And from the database we will get “diamond” through SQL queries using regular expressions.

Search for information

For example, you need to find a Java programmer to write for a fee “Positive Keyboard” for a smartphone.

A Java programmer who writes the Positive Keyboard program on a smartphone for $ 108) ♥ can be found on pages from search results by keywords:

– I will write a program in Java inexpensively
– I write programs in Java in my free time
– I study in Java courses, fill the portfolio
– I like to program in Java
– looking for a part-time Java programmer
– I can write a Java program
– Java freelancer
– I write Java code hobby

What do we want to find? For example, a product (ticket, tripod), a service (training), a person (electrician, tiler).
Who knows how to use his mind and Google – he won!)
To make a successful search query, you need 3-4 words that accurately determine the web page on which the desired is located.

Presentation of information

In accordance with the usability, ergonomics and functionality information will be displayed on the page.
We will use those techniques that quickly and efficiently explain informational relationships using: fonts, colors, indents, blocks, sizes, borders. This makes CSS technology great.

Interested in? Please contact – (068) 322-00-67,