Requirements from the programmer to the customer, project manager

1. Place on the board, wall or other prominent place the current code of the program being created.
1.1 Be sincerely engaged in programming process
2. Understand that a programmer can implement most of the tasks, but not all
2.1 Accept the unrealizability of a particular claim
3. Respect the programmer’s right of restful sleep, eating and resting
3.1 Do not call on weekends
4. Understand that the space of intellectual creativity is high and inextricable with the space of planet Earth
4.1 Should make effective friendly hints about: a possible smell from the programmer, an improperly fastened button or stoop.
5. Maintain the programmer’s emotional health with own positive human emotions.
5.1 Produce friendly, nice compliments, jokes)
6. Maintain healthy working place
6.1 The working space should have a window
6.2 The working space should be regularly cleaned wet
7. Be adequate
7.1. Extremely “hot” tasks cannot be accepted
8. Share with the programmer a percentage of the received (as a result of using the program) profit.

I wish mutually beneficial cooperation!