Alliances and mesallianses between melodies and verses

There are lovely tunes that, however, are associated with VERY nasty words. Such tunes should be freed from evil words that have clinged to them.

How to do it? Yes, just write for them OTHER GOOD words(that is, appropriate). For example:

Comrades, well-read scientists!
Lawyers and bosses! Elite of all layers!
We ask, appeal, calling for your conscience,
That you should look under your feet – love the ants!

Healers, thinkers, high philosophers
And the experts of the deep immortal souls of men!
When you walking,
free the animals from the oppression of your feet!

Such exercises will correct the situation.
And the vision will be sharpened and the excess weight will come down.
FLEE YOUR BOOTS! Long live progress!

Perhaps you guess the tune or even find another one that is more appropriate.