Doubles game against the world champion

There is a man in Kiev whom I call, for brevity, the world tennis champion, although in fact he is the vice champion in the age category over 65 years old. The champion constantly surprises with unexpected accurate punches and for some reason very often gets in the line, especially when serving. I have to surprise him with throwing a racket from my right hand to my left hand and unexpected punches with his left hand. Recently, the champion brought two of his friends, one of whom can be considered his student. The student called me the captain of the team, and I told him: “I love improvisation as in a jazz music 🙂 Do what you want!”

During the whole match, I had no complaints about the game to the champion’s student, and he also had no complaints to me. But I had a very serious complaint to him regarding the moment between points, when I was about to accept the serve, while he still didn’t take his desirable position, and he was moving during that moment to his desirable place.

Like almost all normal people, the champion’s student was indignant, why did I cling to him because of, it would seem, his natural right to move freely. But I still persuaded him not to flicker when giving the opponent the words: “Borya !!!!, this is a military trick !!!! Newbies do not know this !!! They don’t even think that disturbing a partner during a game reduces the chances of a GOOD return of the serve!!! Why will we spoil the game for ourselves? !!! ”