Similaraties between Archimedes, Roerichs and jugglers

The great Archimedes, who could turn over large ancient Roman ships with his machines, however, considered a very simple formula to be his brightest achievement. He found out that the ratio of the volume of the ball to the volume of the inscribed cylinder is 2 to 3.
We have discovered that the same numbers (2 and 3) play the main role in the MAIN FORMULA OF ALL PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS.

The transition from 2 to 3 (items) during training, by the way, marks the birth of a new juggler.
It just so happened that the symbol of the Roerichs spiritual development (three balls) for a simple juggler – this (among other things) looks like an invitation to juggle. This is quite essential for spiritual development. 🙂
In case this similaraties inspired you, we inform that these thoughts have been developed when working on a PARALLEL POSITIVE KEYBOARD. This keyboard also uses 2 clicks and 2 matrices of 3×3 windows.