They are called orbs, phantoms, foofighters (?)

More than 9 years have passed since I took photo of them. The first photo was taken in the center of Kiev on July 1, 2009. Two subsequent photographs were taken on July 2, 2009 at 40 km. from the center of Kiev in Severinovka village. When I was photographing, I only see them as a blue flash. I thought it is some sort of an unusual lens flare, maybe, the sun somehow reflected from the screen. And it turns out that they saw me perfectly: they were placed exactly in the center and lit up at the moment when I took photo. Yes, and they flew 40 km without efforts(I presume). I gratefully think of them with respect.

Please note that they are clearly inscribed in the surrounding flowers and herbs. The first picture shows that all the stems are tilted to the left. But it looks like the blue ball attracted the closest stem toward itself , that is why this stem seems to stand vertically. Maybe phantoms also love flowers, as I do?

We have a question: What to tell those UFO’s? Well, perhaps, to ask, if possible, to protect the trees that we (and not only we) planted? I don’t want to strain them too much.

Moreover, there is evidence that these objects are closely associated with cereology (they create “patterns in the fields”), as well as ball lightning.

I suspect that orbs had gently prompted me some of the ideas of this site.