Hybrid positive keyboard

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We offer a simple and powerful software to ease typing. Positive keyboard
called Hybrid uses only 9 keys to produce any letter of English, Ukrainian or Russian alphabets.

As you can see some letters are formed by pressing 1 key — a,w,b,m,e, etc. And the rest are formed by pressing 2 keys — b,c,d,f, etc.

So there are left block of 9 keys and right block of 9 keys. Left block renders letters that need 2 keys to be pressed — b,c,d,f, etc. And the right block of 9 keys renders letters that need 1 key to be pressed — a,w,b,m,e, etc. hybrid uses parallel positive input.

The commom positive keyboard is like a tic-tac-toe field (3 rows and 3 columns) — press the middle button – the letter “O” comes out. Why, because the rest of the buttons are shaped like this letter. We press the middle lower button (in 3*3 keypad) and the middle one – we get “n”. Two 3*3 keypads make one hybrid positive keyboard. So, by pressing on the qwerty-keyboard in our editor “S”-letter – results “o”, and by pressing “S”-letter and “X”-letter — “n”.

It was decided to reuse custom keyboard in need of hybrid positive keyboard. You see we just made own hybrid marking above standart qwerty-marking. Between 2 colored blocks there is plenty of punctuational symbols and also space — use them with 1 keypress.

Some combinations of symbols are quite often used when typing, in hybrid keyboard they are in the top row of the keyboard. In english: L, in, n, H, S, t, th, e, R, AND.

Also a nice feature for typewriters is a 9 copy-pasting clipboards, Ctrl+1 — fills 1-st buffer, Alt+1 — gets content of the first buffer, Ctrl+2 — fills 2-nd buffer, Alt+2 — gets content of the second buffer and so on. You are free to use contextual menu(right-clicking textarea)

English, Ukrainian, Russian languages are embedded, just press Alt+Shift or click on the language label. Feel free to change background color. You can type search words and then press Ctrl+right_arrow to search google, press Ctrl+top_arrow to search among images within google.

Each key of qwerty-keyboard that is marked with letter, in positive keyboard is reused and have got new meaning, you can invoke symbol pressing that key in combination with Ctrl or Shift keys.
For example when you press Alt+left_orange_button you type “№” symbol. Take a look at black symbols which marks keyboard button on the picture below.

Use “+” key to capitalize, “-” — decapitalize.
Backspace — takes away effect of previous click, Del — deletes selected text.

When you want to copy text, or part of it to the clipboard — use right-mouse context menu.

Also double-clicking one of the block you can reveal Deity.

All symbols of alhabets are depicted — http://www.geniusideas.com.ua/dream/alphabet.php

I’ve sticked small pieces of different colors to my standard keyboard, and use this positive keyboard to write excellent search queries, unique selling propositions. POSITIVE KEYBOARD REALLY MAKES YOUR MIND WORK DIFFERENTLY)))

Try hybrid positive keyboard)

And one day you will see this kind of keyboards in wide use. As rubik’s cube, umbrella, bycicle) Can you suggest me what symbols is most important for you? Please, write your comment.

Try hybrid positive keyboard)

Now you are ready to use this awesome hybrid positive keyboard!☺♥

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