May Day Dreams

May Day Dreams

The farewell waltz of spring turned my head around.

Charms music from nightingale trills

 And playful wind mischief

 He caresses the curl on the shoulder of the wonderful Ondine.

May the poetic whispers rhymes.

And I'm still waiting for the rains to come.

May they revive the Earth living rhythms

And stop wasting waste.

Yes, the desert also has dreams.

Often remembers how she was

Blooming paradise, the cradle of the universe.

But passion heat incinerated her to the ground.

Rain of tenderness is a powerful gift of nature.

He will fill life with streams and shoots.

How lovely! Almost everyone will be happy

Inhale the summer aroma in an oasis of roses.

30.05.2020  Николаев блицконкурс LITTERcon