How to become a star

Playful jazz reminded the twitter of summer,
Listens to music as food is the poet’s ear.
The world is manifesting itself.
June swift rest, sleep

Not lying down. I saw a surprise –
moon lovely woman fell in love
Flickering fiery dream full
What will get one star from the bottom.

There are many in the sky, but far away.
Inaccessible, do not shake hands.
The moon wants to be a star for a long time,
And yet does not know how to become such.

Gave her beloved roses bouquets
He sang sonorous songs, read sonnets.
Lush peonies woven into wreaths
And wild strawberries
the mountain is almost collected.

One twig – could not dive,
It’s not easy to take a starfish.
And he is trying, pushing the wave,
But she responds only with spray.

The moody moon has not turned away
He looks with prejudice and waits worried.
Alas, luck did not smile
And the breeze
the sea calmed down in sorrow frowning.

The poet thought for himself when he saw this,
The soul of the poet lives in sympathy.
He’s glad to reveal a valuable hint –
Starfall will give an answer to desires.

Already fallen whispers to the moon
How to become a sparkling star in the dark.
The secret has been known to us for a long time –
Love shine stronger than all!

06/12/2020 Nikolaev
LITTERcon blitz contest