middle-level Arduino-quiz

Hi, please try this middle-level Arduino-quiz. Testing your knowlege is important, because you may find something you missed! Testing yourself in Arduino is fun)

1. when dealing with interrupts, what type of variable allows to access it in loop() function?

2. what is a dagerous voltage and current for a man?
a)120V, 30mA
b)50V, 10mA
c)actually it is power that kills(I*U) > 600W

3. what is the best way of powering arduino board?
a)through usb
b)using ac dc adapter
c)through vin

4. what is the size of EEPROM/SRAM/Flash memory in ATmega328P?
a) 1K, 2K, 32K
b) 10K, 64K, depends on flash-card size
c) 2K, 8K, 32K

5. how to present data as charts using arduino IDE?
a) create space-splited data output to Serial, and then watch Plotter Monotor
b) use

6. assembly command “mov”
a) compares source and destination content
b) moves content from source to destination
с) transfers execution to label

7. can dc current flow through capacitor?
a) yes
b) no, actually only a few moments in the very beginning
c) only hight-frequency dc current can do that

8. why using INPUT_PULLUP mode?
a) using extra energy is always better)
b) not to allow pin work as antenna
c) to prevent noise from GND

9. what element allows to transform voltage to lower values?
a) transistor
b) transformer
c) capacitor

10. what is galvanic element?
a) kind of battery with copper cathod, zinc anod
b) kind of battery with copper cathod, steel anod
c) same as solenoid

11 what kind of carrier do charge uses to flow?
a) ions, electrons
b) electro-magnetic waves
c) domains

12. difference between AC/DC
a) AC tends to flow on the surface of a conductor
b) DC moves electrons with a higher speed
c) AC does create electromagnetic field, DC does not

13. full resistance of RLC-circuit
a) sqrt(sqr(R)+sqr(wL-1/wC))
b) sqrt(pow(R,2)+pow(wL-1/wC,2))
c) pow(pow(R,2)+pow(wL-1/wH,2),0.5)

14. how to get the result value with a floating point?
a) float c;
b) float c;
c) float c;

15. what are domain of a magnet?
a) region with own electromagnetic direction
b) giant atom
c) inner liquid substance in the core

16. what for is F()?
a) allows to keep data in Flash-memory
b) squizes data, using fzip-algorithm
c) it is deprecated

17. what voltage should be supplied from base to emitter in order to drive transistor?
a) >0.7V
b) 10-11V
c) no matter

18. this command results in “4 apples on the table”
a) sprintf(buffer,“%d apples on the %s”,4,”table”)
b) sprintf(buffer,“\1 apples on the \2″,4,”table”)
c) sprintf(buffer,“%f apples on the %s”,4,”table”)

19. what is a PWM default frequency?
a) depends on mains frequency
b) equals to onboard oscillator
с) 30Hz

20. arduino Bluetooth-module
a) HC-05
b) IR
c) ESP8266

21. what is the basics of soldering?
a) clean contacts, put rosin, choose proper temperature, keep contacts in fixed position when soldering
b) magnetized soldering iron
c) just brazing paste and fan