Настроить сервер-камеру esp32-cam

Сделал как в прошлой статье, взял стандартный пример, только ввёл своё название сети и пароль. В опере працюет(только нажать Start Streaming), а в chrome не показывает.
По примеру сделал.

Лицо не распознаёт, но видео передаёт. Настройки видео такие:
The camera has an auto white balance (AWB) function, which adjusts white balance automatically according to recognized scenes. Because the white balance function of the camera is set to AWB by default, it automatically adjusts the color of photographs to look natural in various scenes.

XCLK — external, PCLK — periphereal.

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) is an X-ray exposure termination device. A medical radiographic exposure is always initiated by a human operator but an AEC

AGC is basically a from of amplification where the camera will automatically boost the image received so that objects can be seen more clearly. In normal light conditions the camera will display a normal picture.

bpc and wpc could be black pixel correction and white pixel correction

GMA, Graphics Media Accelerator