Our juggler’s life

… Life and… .. life are too delicate things. At least because, as a result, children or even entire generations are born. Let’s leave these topics to the experts. But juggler’s life is a simple thing. For example, having dropped a precious gadget on the hard floor, then there is an opportunity for improvement in

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How to become a star

Playful jazz reminded the twitter of summer, Listens to music as food is the poet’s ear. The world is manifesting itself. June swift rest, sleep robs. Not lying down. I saw a surprise – moon lovely woman fell in love breeze! Flickering fiery dream full What will get one star from the bottom. There are

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May Day Dreams

May Day Dreams The farewell waltz of spring turned my head around. Charms music from nightingale trills And playful wind mischief He caresses the curl on the shoulder of the wonderful Ondine. May the poetic whispers rhymes. And I’m still waiting for the rains to come. May they revive the Earth living rhythms And stop

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