Amateur tennis

For amateurs, in order to improve their game, a channel was created on youtube – Amateur Tennis of Kiev. Here are the unformatted videos of the matches, so you can witness your own game. Of course, you need to be a strong person to admit your technical errors and correct them. Anton Katrus is shooting

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Compassion in tennis

Look at the youtube videos, how people played tennis fifty years ago, it looks like players are relaxed and half-motivated. Current players are more desperate and eager to get victory. The speed of the game increased due to racquets (strings and stringers!), the size of the prize, as well as increased spirit of competition. Two

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Doubles tennis and wolf hunting

In tennis, rivals are often closer than single players, so they can stun one another with the bright colors of their clothes. I mean the brightest red color of the hot metal or the pre-sunset sun. We were pleased with this color by one of the participants (she is experienced in the marathon run). The

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